Form Comment Thread

Comments about RF Cell Tower
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Please Mayor and Council choose another location for this tower to be farther from any homes. Originally was to be near the Green Lion restaurant why was moved 660 ft closer to homes?
The proposed tower will be a risk our health and result in decrease of our home value due to its height and appearance
Please consider a site that would not be close to homes in Palm Coast.
Put it at Holland Park!
Put it at Holland Park!
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
This is done without knowledge of those who live closest to it. They should be given fair chance to speak up about it. It's another shady deal.
Diamond Communications LLC performed a cell phone coverage assessment of Palm Coast in 2017. Their recommendation was to site the cell tower in Coverage Area #7 along a 1.9 area tract next to the Green Lion restaurant. This location had the cell tower 500-600 feet from a home. Now the cell tower location in Coverage Area #7 has been moved next to the maintenance building which is 280 linear feet from the nearest home. Who made the decision to move this cell tower, in Coverage Area #7, from it's original location next to the Green Lion, to the maintenance building and why?
Medical Professionals have warned these towers should be away from residences, schools and hospitals, as they cause damage at the cellular level with human DNA. Those who are immune compromised will be harmed. VOTE NO NOW and FOREVER!
The proposed site for this cell tower presents a health hazard for the nearby residents. Additionally, it will be an eyesore. Find a more suitable location. We know they are out there.
Hell no!!! 150feet!! That’s absurd!!!
This will destroy home values endanger our wildlife and is harmful to our historical golf course community. The radiation emissions are harmful to our community and this as well as the low income housing must be stopped
This needs to bu built away from our historical area to preserve the beauty, protect our wildlife and the health and welfare of our residents.
I oppose this tower at this location.
Please build it somewhere else with less wildlife
This siting is a very poor choice for a heavily residential area.
I don’t need bill gates towers in my backyard
Please find non residential area
Please find another site which does not involve residential areas
Once again the Holland administation, lied. There are much better location for this tower...Why ruien the golf clubs view.
Why not put it in the graham swamp area on a piece of dry land!?
I oppose this tower being placed in my neighborhood
Strongly oppose this in our neighborhood. Look elsewhere. There are many more areas where this could be placed without doing harm to our lives, pets, wildlife and our property values.
Why such a residential area? I haven't noticed bad service around here!? Put in different location
I hope you can find a better place more suitable for the tower then on a golf course and neighbors back yard.
This is one of the most ridiculous proposals proposed to the city. Do they even know how tall 150ft is ??? Something at this height should only be placed on a highway or commercial area. There is nothing near that height within miles! It will stand out like a sore thumb for all to see for miles. Who in there right mind would even consider this? Unless your goal is to devalue property because this tower will do that. I’m strongly opposed to this tower and I vote!
This is too close to existing homes!
Linear Park would be a much better location.
Don't put these towers in already populated residential areas. Find commercial or bare and raw land that would be better for our communities.
Please place cell tower in a remote location. This is devastating news! We have dealt with a power plant being placed close to our home in Ct. There are ways to work together to find a location that will be fair for all- also these towers should blend with the landscape. Spending more up front to keep residents happy would cost less on the backend. The beauty of palm coast is the old world Florida feel ! Please consider location and then also making it look like an evergreen tree. Thank you!
I oppose this tower at this location.
Safety of our residents comes first
We need to grow and progress palm coast development smartly. Not by throwing up Random projecting /whatever will pay to be in that area (as in removing the golf courses and lining the pockets of the mayor and whomever else, to institute these ridiculous projects/plans without the community approval)
Consider moving to a shopping center or other tall structure
We don’t need another cell tower! My phone works perfectly with ATT, Consumer Cellular AND Spectrum! And I’ve been here since 1992!
this development does not benefit the home owners who live here. no reason to approve the variance
Please do what is good for the residents & community. Find a better place for the tower. Thank you .
As a medical professional, the affects of 5g in such close proximity to residential areas is open for investigation to long term health concerns as documented by several studies
The proposed tower will be a risk our health and result in decrease of our home value due to its height and appearance
I don't like the idea that the City decides without informing the community first and allowing us to vote on this if we want it in our neighborhood.
We live in the closest house to this proposed monstrosity and health concern and have received no notification of it what so ever. I am appalled that a tower of this nature would even be considered in a residential area. Unacceptable unneccessary and a health risk opening up the city for litigation.
We live on Palm Harbor Golf Course and the proposed cell tower is extremely close to our residence.
The city needs to respect the homeowners by keeping our neighborhoods as they are. Nobody wants to look at a cell tower in their backyard especially knowing the city receives money for the towers.
Come on, do you have to keep destroying the beauty of Palm Coast? At the rate Palm Coast government is going destroying all the greenspace they are going to have to change the name to Palm-less Coast or Treeless Coast. I gave up my career, family, friends and home to move from Ohio to Palm Coast 8 years ago because it was not overbuilt and WAS a nice place to live but these people running our city seem to just want to build something everywhere they can destroying our greenspace. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they are being paid off to allow it. Once it's gone it's gone and it is going now faster than I care to see it! If I could afford it I would consider moving because of all the construction and traffic is getting totally out of control. If you want to live in an overbuilt and over populated city Florida is full of them, move there don't destroy our beautiful city.
While I see a need for better service, I do believe a believe placement for the tower can be found.
City council must reinstate public interaction in the decisions as to where placement of these towers is to take place
Relocate to the marina area at the end of club house drive. Intersecting with the intercostal water way. Or locate next to the bridge going over the intercostal waterway at the end of palm coast parkway.