Who Approved The Change? And Why?

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Cell Tower Siting at Palm Coast Golf Course

The City of Palm Coast is voting on December 15, 2020, to erect a new 150 ft. high monopole Cellular Tower with up to four (4) cell carriers at 20 Palm Harbor Drive (Palm Harbor Golf Course Maintenance Area). Council agenda for 12/15/20.

The Palm Harbor Golf Course (PHGC) "Great Bait & Switch"

Who Approved The Change? And Why?

Who moved the 150 ft. Cellular Tower 2017 Master Plan Location (Red) SW
~660 ft. away from the Proposed November 2019 JDI 50 Town House
Development Project and The Green Lion Cafe to the PHGC Maintenance
Area (Yellow) within 300 ft. of Covington Park and Cole Place properties???

Palm Coast Public Golf Course Development

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Sign the Petition

To oppose the development at PHGC, either sign the online petition or print out the petition and mail to the PO Box on the Contact Us page.


Attend a Board Planning Meeting

The online calendar has an updated list of events. Events include organizer workgroups and city council meetings.