Approved Permit by City for Dock Work at 20 Palm Harbor Dr.

Attached is the approved Permit, by City of Palm Coast, for Dock Work, at 20 Palm Harbor Drive, at the Palm Harbor Golf Course
1. City of Palm Coast approved this building permit on 11/13/19 for building construction at 20 Palm Hard Dr. (Palm Harbor Golf Course).
2. I assume this work involves building docks, for future townhouses, developer wants to build.  (Parcel #07-11-31-7008-000A0-0000)
Question: How can a building permit be approved, by the City of Palm Coast, when there is no application on file for this development?  There is no application listed on the city website to rezone 165-acres on the Palm Harbor Golf Course to Master Planned Development (MPD).
Permit Approved for Docks